2017 class schedule 2017 Class Schedule
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HomeAbout UsServicesTestimonialsPhase OnePhase Two Phase ThreeKINS
Class ScheduleClass HandoutsCookbookSPECIALSContact Us

HomeAbout UsServicesTestimonialsPhase OnePhase Two Phase ThreeKINS
Class ScheduleClass HandoutsCookbookSPECIALSContact Us


2017 Phase One (Beginners) Courses:
Month:        Day of wk:        Start/Finish dates:         Time/Location: 
*October       Tuesday             Oct 10 - Dec 19             1-3pm OR 6-8pm
November    Wednesday       Nov 1-Jan 17, 2018        6-8pm   

Phase Two Courses (must have completed Phase One):
Month:        Day of wk:        Start/Finish dates:           Time:
*November       Monday           Nov 6 - Jan 8, 2018        6-7:30pm

*Indicates Next Class Available

​Registration Process:
To register for ANY upcoming class, you must call and place your name on that class roster.

Once your name is on that roster, it reserves you a seat for that session (unless you are on a wait list).  You MAY NOT place your friend's name on the roster.  Your friend must also call our office and place their name in that class.  There is no payment needed to place your name on that class list.

Our classes can accommodate up to 75 participants.  It is a first call first confirmed seating arrangement.  Once the class is filled, we will then form a waiting list.  The waiting list is to be used if a confirmed class participant relinquishes his/her seat.  A wait listed participant is NOT a confirmed participant in that class until notified by one of K & G's staff of a confirmed seat vacancy.

Up to two weeks prior to the class starting, we will contact everyone on that class roster to arrange for a registration appointment.  This appointment MUST be done prior to the start of that class.  If you fail to establish a registration appointment or you do not come to that appointment, your seat will be given to someone on the waiting list and you will NOT be allowed to attend that class.  Payment in full is due at this registration appointment.

*Please Note:  Class dates and times are tentative and may be changed or cancelled at our discretion based upon the class attendance.  There is an established MINIMUM number of participants of 25 people.  If a class fails to establish 25 participants, that class will be cancelled. Signing up as early as possible helps us to determine how many participants will be attending and allow us to keep a class open.  So early registration is advised and appreciated.

2017 Class Costs:
Phase One:  $150.00 per participant for the full course (10 weeks).  
Phase One (offsite-away from Owosso) may be different than $150 based on rental fee for locaiton.
**PHASE ONE-GRAND BLANC   $165.00 per participant for the full course (10 weeks).
Phase Two:  $100.00 per participant for the full course (8 weeks).    
Phase Three:  $40.00 per participant for the full course (8 weeks).   
K.I.N.S:  $15.00 per participant per class